Real-Time and Embedded Systems @ MPI-SWS

The real-time and embedded systems group explores the design, implementation, and analysis of computing systems subject to stringent timing and resource constraints.

Such constraints are pervasive in virtually all modern technologies such as cars (e.g., engine control, anti-lock brakes, etc.), airplanes (e.g., fly-by-wire), or robotics (e.g., signal processing, actuator control). In such safety-critical domains, embedded real-time systems must be predictable in the sense that correct outputs must always be produced at the right time. However, such timeliness must be accomplished on a tight resource budget, as embedded systems are commonly deployed in environments that impose severe space, weight, and power (SWaP) constraints. Embedded systems engineering is thus the art of “doing more with less” without compromising correctness.

The focus at MPI-SWS is the construction of analytically sound systems—systems that realize provable timeliness and safety guarantees while minimizing overall SWaP requirements. Our research spans the entire range from the exploration of fundamental algorithmic issues to actual systems-building, and we particularly emphasize the intersection of both research approaches.

Recent projects in the group include the model-based synthesis of control systems, the testing and verification of timed and hybrid systems, the design and analysis of predictable real-time locking protocols, and the implementation and evaluation of multicore real-time schedulers. Please feel free to contact any group member for additional information.

To join the Real-Time and Embedded Systems group as a research intern, student, or post-doc, please use the MPI-SWS application system and notify a faculty member once your application is complete. We welcome interns both at the undergraduate and at the graduate level.

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